gnomeangel_whitebread_homemade_1…HUBBY’s first loaf…

It’s no secret I do love a spot of baking, so I figured that trying to save some money on the home front would be a good excuse to indulge my love of baking with the baking of bread.

HUBBY and I had talked about baking bread and he expressed an interest in giving it a go so we decided to make our first loaf together.

It turned out great and he was so happy with his efforts.

We used the White Bread recipe from Bake: Essential Companion.  I really like this recipe because it’s so simple to do – the mixing of the ingredients takes 15 minutes and then it’s just a 2 hour proving time, a brief knead and then an hour to prove again before going into the oven.  Plus you don’t need a loaf tin – just a tray. Too easy.


With the success of HUBBY’s loaf I decided to make another loaf during the week after we’d polished the first one. It wasn’t such a success…

Turns out I can be a tad forgetful when distracted by a climbing and crying baby.  I forgot to add the olive oil in the beginning and so added it after the mixture was all mixed… never a good thing to do.  Then when it came time to pop it in the oven I completely forgot to brush it with water and sprinkle on the sesame seeds because I was too busy trying to do 3 things at once.

Then, because we’re still getting used to the crumby oven, I didn’t let it cook long enough so it was doughy. Oh well…

We still ate it and I console myself with the fact that it was cheaper than a store brought loaf.


As well as baking our own white bread I’ve decided to try making sourdough again and have started another starter based on the recipe in the Fabulous Baker Brothers cookbook.

I’ve made sourdough in the past with mixed success.  I had tried this sourdough recipe and it had been great, but I’ve tried to make the starter 2 further times and both have ended in a moldy disaster.   I’d be keen to try making the starter version from this recipe again just to see whether making it in a jar (like the ones I’m doing now) would stop it from going moldy.

One of the other reasons I decided to go with the Fabulous Baker Brothers version is because the tell you how to keep the starter going for a long time where as the other version it was a one use wonder.

Anyways, the starter is started and I’m enjoying watching it grow and talking to Little Man about the whole process and trying to foster in him a love for baking.  I’m not sure how it’s going to work out but I’m hoping we’ll have homemade sourdough in our rotation soon!

Have you made bread before? Got a recipe you think I should try out? What about another penny pinching measure? Have you made a commitment to saving money that you’d like to share?