Are you doing what makes you happy?


It’s the start of the last week of my birthday month and I’ve been reflecting on a few things and marvelling at where my life has taken me. When I was in Primary School I had a teacher who asked as to write down what we thought we’d be when we grew up. I boldly declared that I’d be a Barrister, married, have 3 kids and all by the age of 23. (Obviously math has never been a strong point with me… the timeframe for becoming a Barrister alone would have made me older than 23, never mind having 3 kids and marrying someone!) For the longest time growing up I really thought I’d have a career in the law. It was never my passion and it was never something I really aspired to from the heart, but I thought if I was going to have to get a “real” job I might as well get one that looked exciting (I grew up when L.A. Law was on television!). …

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Meet Sunday Collector

Disclosure: Brother Australia provided compensation in the form of products and payment for the project and promotion. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by the businesses involved. For further information about my disclosure policy please click here. Brother Australia are set to announce the winner of their #BrotherInspires competition very shortly and first prize…

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Fat Quarter Shop Star Crossed Sew Along - Patchwork and quilting by Angie Wilson of

Fat Quarter Shop Star Crossed Sew-along

When the team at Fat Quarter Shop asked me if I’d like to be involved in the Star Crossed Sew-along I jumped at the chance. I’m such a sucker for a good patchwork star and I loved that this one doesn’t use two half square triangle blocks to make the “sparkly bits” (technical term) off…

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What do the Muppets, Rainbows & Aprons have in common?

Can you believe that May is nearly over? This month has just flown by and I’m sitting here thinking that I haven’t gotten that much done and I still have so much more to do. Do you ever feel like that, or am I the only one? I’m very excited to announce that my Handmade…

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Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots Quilt-Along - Patchwork by Angie WIlson of

Block 5 of Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots Quilt-along

It’s time to reveal another block in the Fat Quarter Shop’s Snapshot Quilt-along and today is Block 5 “Kindred Kitchen” (you can get the pattern by clicking here). This block totally appealed to the baker in me and I had so much fun daydreaming about yummy treats while making this block. It came together really quickly and…

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Rainbow satchel designed and made by Angie Wilson of

Cover Girl | Rainbow Satchel

I’m so thrilled, excited and humbled to see that this month’s Handmade Magazine has featured the Rainbow Satchel that I designed and made on their cover. Handmade Magazine can be purchased in Woolworths which means that my Rainbow Satchel will be rubbing shoulders with latest celebrity cellulite and rehab stories as well my favourite foodie magazine…

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Opinions Wanted!

There comes a time for all of us where we need to stop, look around and just confirm that we’re on the right track. Check the compass if you will. For the past 12 months I’ve been head down, bum up and working on producing content I can be proud of and hopefully deliver a…

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Birthday celebration and announcement -

Why I’m Stoked to be Having a Birthday

Tomorrow I have the distinct pleasure and honour of turning a spritely 38 years old. I’m really excited about it and I’m going to tell you why! (Aren’t you lucky!) Here it is in a nutshell, you ready? Not everyone gets to do it. It’s that simple and that complex all at once. Each birthday is…

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Aussie Aurifil Club - May Bundle - "Berry Gnome" by Angie Wilson of

Aussie Aurifil Club May Blogger Bundle Reveal

May is my birthday month (so you’d better have the cake ready!) and so it’s a fabulous treat to also have May as my month in the Aussie Aurifil Club. I’m so thrilled and honoured that Melissa (of Ms Midge) asked me to be the blogger to launch her amazing Aussie Aurifil Club (no pressure!)….

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How Pialligo Estate Farmhouse Made Me Feel Like a Movie Star

Every so often an opportunity comes along where you just can’t pass it up and this week Canberra Food Bloggers presented me with one of those opportunities. Liz (of Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things) organised an amazing event in conjunction with Pialligo Estate Farmhouse where Canberra Food Bloggers were provided with a once-in-a-lifetime sensory experience. Over the past couple of…

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Glazed Donut Muffins - Recipe on


With my return to work I’ve been looking for yummy snacks that I can include in my lunchbox and try and help me avoid spending money at our workplace cafe. A couple of months ago a good friends were telling us about the doughnut/muffin recipe they’d tried out and were now somewhat addicted to and…

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10 Mother's Day Crafts that you can make by yourself or with that special kiddo in your life -


Mother’s Day is around the corner (10th of May) and I’m thinking about some projects that I can make for the Mother’s in my life. Some times it’s nice to do some DIY that doesn’t involve a sewing machine and it’s fun to get my craft on with the Little Man. I’ve done a roundup…

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Smitten Quilt Patchwork by Angie Wilson of Smitten Quilt Pattern by Lucy Kingwell. Patchwork is constrained to only pink, black and white.


Have you ever been so obsessed with a project that you find yourself thinking about it at all times of the day? That’s how I find myself with Smitten. Smitten is a quilt pattern by Lucy Kingwell (daughter of Jen Kingwell). I picked the pattern up and met the fabulously cool Lucy while I was…

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Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread by Angie Wilson on Adapted from a recipe on Lil' Luna.


Returning to work this month has meant that I’ve had to get back into the routine of making lunch box meals and snacks, which is a fun challenge to have as I’m slightly addicted to finding new recipes on Pinterest. One of the recipes that grabbed my attention was Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread on Lil’…

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My experience with Miracle Mornings - Angie Wilson on


I grew up with a fairly cynical and skeptical view of the world when it comes to “self-help”, “positive thinking”, “meditation” and all the other things that the 90’s tried to push as the way to get rich quick. I’m a big reader, have been since I was a kid, and I’ve been known to…

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Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots Quilt-Along - Patchwork by Angie WIlson of


Can you believe it’s been a month already since I shared my Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots Quilt-Along blocks? I can’t! This year is disappearing so quickly, it’s crazy. For those of you not familiar with the Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots Quilt-Along it’s really quite simple. For all of 2015 Fat Quarter Shop will be revealing a block a month…

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